Success Story

TrueBlue Badges for JetBlue

JetBlue is one of the top airlines in the USA. Flights to 80+ destinations, 52 served airports and more than 30 million passenger carried every year. Numbers are great but let’s face the truth – the greatest challenge of our time is to keep customers bonded to brand. And a simple loyalty program doesn’t work any more. JetBlue needed to provide its passengers with something more, something that takes engagement to the next level. We met these challenges and designed an innovative platform specifically for JetBlue Airways - TrueBlue Badges.


All time engagement

Engagement at each step of the customer journey. Challenges and fulfilling activities both within the web portal, during ticket reservations, purchases and flights


Individual profile

All information about progress, ranking, completed tasks and collected badges in one place


Simple rules

Rules are dead simple. Gain points, collect badges, level-up and win!

Engagement Mechanism

Key feature

Interactive map

Create a personalised map of flights across the USA. Fly and share your destinations

Key feature

Social integrations

Go viral via social media with joyful news about getting a new badge or any other activity

Key feature

User interactions

Take up challenges and compete with other users

Results (first year)


Facebook impressions of branded content (interactive map and badges)


engaged users


badges awarded