Smart Office

We live in a world that with each day gets more and more adapted to our convenience. Our homes and cities are being changed accordingly to the current needs. But what about offices? Most people spend one-third of their lives at work, so we should remember to design our companies' premises in the most functional and coziest way possible.

Creating a smart office is beneficial both from the employee’s and employer's point of view. Wheyher it's a multinational corporation or a small family held company, everyone can implement smart solutions. Available systems can help in saving energy, time or resources, which leads to money saving. It's not the world of tomorrow, thanks to Internet of Things and our platform you can use it right now.



Being eco-friendly is good not only for our planet and environment but it also helps to decrease spendings. What's more, green companies are seen in a more positive light. With IoT devices, you can control any electricity wastage. Beacons can regulate when the air conditioning goes on and turn lights off when there's no one around. The possibilities are limitless and can be arranged to your expectations.


Human resources can be one of the hardest assets to manage successfully. Decreasing time wasted by employees often requires applying the flawed form of excessive controlling. With IoT sensors and gamification, workers have tools which motivate them to stay efficient. For instance, thanks to beacons and a mobile app we can create a system that works upon being late for meetings or time wasted while queueing for lunch or coffee. All while having fun and making use of the latest technologies.

Soft skills development

Most employees look not only for a good salary but also for challenges and a chance to make steady progress. Gamification is a method which works perfectly in designing behaviors, building new skills and consolidating positive habits. In combination with the IoT, it presents a new, creative way to engage employees through fun and game-like experiences. It leads to major improvements in personal development e.g. increases reliability, the ability to teamwork or speak in public.

Increased efficiency

Gamified employees are far more productive and achieve their aims in a quicker way. They develop, hence their performance and abilities are constantly on the rise. Thanks to IoT devices also the office building and working space become more efficient. Both the company and employees become triumphant.

Costs reduction

Every minute of time saved by an employee is money staying in the bank account of the company's owner. With large corporations, it can add up to enormous sums. Reductions in used energy, water and a number of supplies also significantly decrease expenses. Thanks to the Internet of Things and creative usage of game mechanics, you can increase your profits due to effective costs control.


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