Smart City

Citizens want to reshape their surroundings. With population growing, they want metropolises to be as functional as possible, yet homely at the same time. Thanks to the latest engaging technologies we can employ the Smart City concept and make your home ground work for you. From household to household, to entire urban areas, our solution will make your city smarter and more fun.

Imagine all the physical infrastructure being utilized more efficiently. Thanks to cities opening up more and more data, we can harness real-time information in smarter transport, government, healthcare, education or green environment projects. Our concepts weave in gamification, which with its location-based street games and special challenges for citizens gets them engaged and gives a greater feeling of community.


Better transportation

Access to big data and real-time traffic information lets commuters better plan and oversee their journeys. They can adjust their means of transport and decide on the best routes. Geolocalization allows the citizens to check their specific location in case of being lost, and easily lead to their destination.

Dynamic development

Collecting a vast amount of data regarding urban functions provides an excellent opportunity for drawing conclusions. Analyzing existing datasets allows to quickly learn and apply needed changes. Smart citizens take part in the improvement process and feel heard out.

Resource and cost savings

Resource and cost savings - smart technologies change cities into a more environment-friendly centers. IoT devices applied inside buildings contribute to energy savings, while other projects lower greenhouse gas emission. As the living space is cleverly organized, most of time-wasting get drastically cut down, which leads directly to money savings both in citizen's and government's pockets.

Citizens' well-being

With smart improvements implemented in a city, the level of citizens' welfare and satisfaction raises. Better health care increases the quality of life, while better education drives society progress. Usually associated with large metropolises, high levels of stress are well-managed. People feel treated in a special way and are more willing to join social innovation.

Engaged society

Apart from all its down-to-earth advantages, the Smart City concept can also involve an enormous amount of fun. Gamified residents are faced with tasks and challenges, and can later be awarded with real-life presents like e.g. discounts or event tickets. Location-based games and opportunities to compete makes the city a hip place to live and its inhabitants an engaged bunch of proud citizens.


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