Employees Engagement

The jobs market is transforming dynamically. Gen Y, a new wave of employees, is taking over and any business that ignores this fact does so at its own peril. Millennials expect from their employers more than any generation before. They want to be proactive, have an impact and be appreciated. Millennials’ job-hopping is not a sign of disloyalty - it’s just a result of strikingly low engagement.

Gamification used in the workplace introduces an environment that young workforce needs: social, collaborative and competitive. With the implementation of game mechanic, they notice that their input really matters. They see the ongoing progress of their work, new challenges and appreciation. They are more and more motivated which results in a better quality of work and effectiveness.


Millennials engagement

Millennials are a generation that looks for constant stimulation. At the beginning, work presents them with a sufficient number of incentives, but over time daily tasks become monotonous and the level of engagement diminishes. Gamification provides them with challenges, fun and a possibility to share their accomplishments with thier colleagues. They can see effects of their work and feel motivated to achieve even more. High satisfaction decreases staff turnover.

Employer Branding

When Millennials feel passionately about what they do and who they work with, they become a living advertisement of their company. They feel connected with the workplace or the brand and share the sentiment with their social circles. In fact, they become brand advocates and get involved in building a positive image of the employer. They are proud to be working in such a place and like to boast about it.

Productivity boost

Employees are much more productive when they care about achieving the best results. Gamification helps workers to have a desire to reach goals and shows them how these goals can be achieved. It provides continuous reinforcement and feedback. Competition with other employees boosts motivation, while being the first on a leaderboard gives self-satisfaction.


When a single employee is engaged, it has a positive impact on the whole team, and thus the company's results. Productive workers translate into financial results of the employer. Gamification brings direct profit when it comes to the company's income and indirect when it comes to its image on the market.

Quality increase

Engaged employees are highly conscious about their everyday tasks. The ambition to gain more and present the best results motivates them to be more focused. Thanks to gamification they don't have to be checked upon and convinced to achieve perfection. The overall quality of the company's output significantly increases, while workers' spirits rise high.


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