Business Partner Engagement

Doing business without a strong chain of partners and contacts is difficult, if not impossible. Keeping this bunch loyal is as complicated as winning them over. The clue is to create engagement and emotional bonds which last. There are many B2B platforms and loyalty programs on the market, but there's a way to make your commercial transactions even more effective.

Whether it's sourcing materials, having your produce distributed by re-sellers or getting some services outsourced — long-term relationships are crucial. Our gamified B2B solution is designed to maintain partners true to your brand. It builds their motivation to cooperate and get personally involved. They'll be busy having fun instead of seeking offers from your competition.


Brand loyalty

Leading companies understand that to have satisfied and loyal customers, they first must ensure that their partners are satisfied and loyal too. Why make processes boring and outdated if given other options? Your task of providing them with all needed tools and resources can be extended into an engagement building project. With gamification you will transform everyday cooperation and make your partnership stronger with shared emotions, such as fun or excitement.

Powerful insights

To make accurate decisions you need to know things inside out. Who is your best re-seller? Which supplier always meets the deadlines? What changes should you make in relationships with partners? Our B2B solution brings you not only the benefits of gamification — it's also a powerful data mining tool. With surveys, quizzes, statistics and reports you can see exactly if there's any weakest link. And all this always at your need as information is collected and transmitted in real time.

Partners’ education

From sharing knowledge about your company's aims and core values to educating partners on detailed specifications. Introducing gamification in the process of learning builds motivation and engagement. It lets you easily increase the number and quality of training undertaken by all business partners. B2B platform adjusted to your needs will also serve as an effective communication channel and a flexible tool for dedicated promotional campaigns and competitions.

Sales increase

Increased level of brand loyalty and knowledge within your business partners directly correlates with higher profits. When the gamified B2B platform is dedicated for re-sellers the returns are significantly higher. It's a combination of a convenient sales tool with rivalry and engagement built by the game mechanics. It motivates the distributors to intensify their efforts, while also helping them in achieving the targets, verify progress stages and collecting reports.

Brand image

In B2B relations the way your company is perceived means a lot. When deciding on collaboration your future partners take the brand image as one of the main factors that have to be considered. Employing innovative and creative approaches such as gamification means others will look up to you as being always one step ahead. Let your associates identify with the image of a unique brand which stands out on the market.

Technologies & Features

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