Airlines Engagement

People love travelling. They are passionate about visiting new places and broadening horizons. Yet what's more important — they want to have fun and share it. So, as we're shifting to an experience economy, you need to be aware that your product is no longer a ticket. It’s an adventure you may bring thanks to the journey.

How to harvest those truths and create a factor that will make your airline stand out from the crowd? Take a step further than loyalty programs and social media strategies. Our gamified solution will let you build customer engagement and create a unique relationship between passengers and your brand. We'll make their whole travel experience truly captivating.


Brand loyalty

Gamified travellers not only stay loyal, they create a relationship with their carrier. They interact, complete challenges and redeem awards. Game mechanics gives reinforcement which motivates the customer to buy another ticket, even if there's a competitor with a slightly better offer.


Airline travellers turned into players create a unique community. Thanks to gamification they bond with the brand and its customers. Rivalry boosts their motivation and interactions with other participants. Our solution gives reasons to identify with your brand and act as its advocate. Let yourself be promoted by a group of people who are proud when recommending your services.

Brand awareness

Customers who join the game and have fun while using airlines' services spread the news. They post on social media and recommend the carrier to other travelers. Nowadays people decide on products mostly through recommendations and referrals; hence, happy customers sharing your good image is the best you can get.

New members

Acquiring new customers is as important as maintaining the current ones. With your airline being promoted by the gamified travels themselves, you can save on other advertising forms. New members will join seeing how much fun their friends get and how innovative your approach is.

Sales increase

Engagement obtained thanks to gamified mechanisms directly affects sales results. Your customers actively use the programme which influences their future purchase decisions. In addition, they spread the news and draw in new members who increase your revenue.


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