Are you a roleplaying geek, a Star Wars nerd, or just a good old-fashioned introvert? It doesn’t matter. We believe that there is a superhero particle in each and every one of us. Join SoInteractive and nurture your innate superpowers. Enjoy what you do, like who you work with, and build something awesome!

360° development

We get to know your skills, your strongest and weakest spots. You choose what and how you want to improve, while we take care of organizing it for you.


Flexible working hours

With us you can be an early bird or a night owl. All that matters is showing up in the office between 8:00 a.m. and 10.00 a.m.


Newest technologies

Create your future using latest gadgets and inventions. Pebble Smartwatch, Samsung Gear 2 and iBeacons are waiting for you.


International projects

We work for the big players. Our solutions serve companies well in Europe, Asia and Americas.


Sports center

You won't get to make excuses for not exercising. We've got a gym and a swimming pool just around the corner.


Private healthcare

Forget about queuing and waiting for many days for an appointment. You can see a specialist whenever you need. We'll take care both of you and your family.


Friday treats

Each Friday needs to be celebrated! We remember to indulge with some deliciousness.


That's how we roll

Corporative feel? Not in here! What've got our own style — good vibes, strong coffee, table football cups and pizza days.


Full range

You decide what terms of employment we go for. Choose the type of contract which works best for your needs.


Cracow, Warsaw & NYC

Polish capital, historical city of Cracow or busy Big Apple? Do what you love in whichever places suits you!


3 steps to your career. What do you need to do?


Send us your CV or apply via a specific job offer link. We will appreciate it if you attach your portfolio and cover letter. 

First round

Let us check your knowledge and skills. Depending on what position you apply for, we'll choose different methods. Want to be our developer? We'll call and test you with some questions. Applying for a business position? You'll get an e-mail with role-specific tasks. We always get back with our decision and feedback.

Final round

Time to meet face to face. Experience and know-how are crucial, but we also need to check if we match. Statistically, people spend at work one-third of their lives, so we need make sure you'll feel awesome in our company.

Ready to become a superhero?

Check out our job postings in Cracow — an open-air lab for engagement & innovation!