In February 2010 we launched a website for the Promedis brand, part of the LUX MED Group. Our task was to form a creation referring to the CI Group, but at the same time leaving no doubt that Promedis is a separate brand.

The new website thus ensures a graphic balance with the other available services of the LUX MED Group’s brands. As a background a motif was used which referred directly to the logotype of the brand. The new element created for the site is a clear and legible map showing all the branches of the LUX MED Group.

The collaboration led to another project. In August 2010 we created a website for another brand of the Lux Med Group – CMLim.

PROMEDIS – Today there are ten medical centres operating under the distinctive brand featuring the Eskulapa symbol in the logo, located in Poland’s largest cities (Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk), providing a full range of diagnostic and ambulance services for over 62,000 corporate patients.

The LIM Medical Centre (Centrum Medyczne LIM, CM LIM) was one of the first private health care clinics, founded in 1991. The company provides medical services for corporate and individual clients. 17 clinics operate under the CM LIM brand in the country’s biggest cities.

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